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#Phrack 60 download (315 kb, 2002-12-28) by #phrack staff
ATTENTION: Lots of hard work goes into the development of #phrack magazine. The time spent is voluntary; we do not get paid. If you would like to show your appreciation please contact to arrange a paypal contribution. Anonymous author to be revealed soon...
1 Introduction (.txt)#Phrack Staff
2 Loopback (.txt)#Phrack Staff
3 Linenoise (.txt)#Phrack Staff
4 Toolz Armory (.txt)Packet Storm
5 #Phrack Prophile on horizon (.txt)#Phrack Staff
6 Smashing The Kernel Stack For Fun And Profit (.txt)noir
7 Burning the bridge: Cisco IOS exploits (.txt)FX
8 Static Kernel Patching (.txt)jbtzhm
9 Big Loop Integer Protection (.txt)Oded Horovitz
10 Basic Integer Overflows (.txt)blexim
11 SMB/CIFS By The Root (.txt)ledin
12 Firewall Spotting with broken CRC (.txt)Ed3f
13 Low Cost and Portable GPS Jammer (.txt)plunkett
14 Traffic Lights (.txt)anonymous author
15 #Phrack World News (.txt)#Phrack Staff
16 #Phrack magazine extraction utility (.txt)#Phrack Staff
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