Phrack High Council (c) 1996, 2005
#phrack - pr0ud supp0rt3rz 0f pr0j3kt m4yh3m
PHC Mission #1:

Go to CCC and locate the following people:
   - Sebastian Krahmer aka "stealth"
   - Stefan Esser aka "lorian"
   - Richard Johnson aka "CISSP" aka "[t]hief"

Once you located them, get a baseball bat (any kind of bat or a crowbar
would do, as a matter of fact) and kick them in the face while repeating


to their whitehat-leakin asses. This mission is MANDATORY and VITAL for the
good course of the pr0j3kt m4yh3m. ALSO, you could do this to *ANY* person
wearing a geek t-shirt ("god is real unless declared integer", "hi, i'm a
hacker", "got root?", etc.). It's a known fact that HACKERS HACK instead of
wearing a cheap possing t-shirt.

Once you've beaten them up, steal their laptop's hd and send it to PHC so we
can share a great laugh with the community. You will win the ORIGINAL PHC
t-shirt and #phrack at efnet ops. Also, if you have the logistics, record
the moment or take pictures so we can have them on the website.

                                                                - Phrack High Council, 2005 AD