Phrack High Council (c) 1996, 2005
#phrack - pr0ud supp0rt3rz 0f pr0j3kt m4yh3m
Phrack High Council - 2005
"Keep pr0j3kt m4yh3m alive!"

Official Note

   It's been a long time, indeed. Two years of underground, now PHC is back into the scene. I bet
many of you have no fuckin clue *WHY* suddenly, the anti-infosec movement slowed down. Some of you
thought it might've been the fedz. Some others said PHC members got security jobs. There were also
some voices stating we have no exploits left. HAHAHAHA! Get real, son! We sit our asses on more 
goodies than ISS and iDefense, altogether.

   PHC is *NOT* a hacking group, it's a state of mind! Stop asking about us,
we know all about YOU!

   PHC was never *GONE*, we just reached a new state of mind, a new underground level. You, our
faithful follower, our friend, our brother, know where we've been. We've been scooping the infosec,
getting inside informations, KNOWING OUR ENEMY (thx Spitzc0q), puttin their lifes into misery! But,
in the mean time, we also had our eyes on the scene: some of you kept pr0j3kt m4yh3m alive. The rest
acted like sheeps left w/o sheppard: bowed yer heads to them wolves! This is your last chance: you
either change or become a target. Everyone can be a target: security professionals, CISSP (hi
Johnson aka [t]hief, still playing the 'hacker'?), security companies, bugtraq wannabeez, all kinds
of wannabeez, them bitches, non-believers, haters, etc.

   Gray is not a choice anymore. It's US or THEM. It's not a game. The IT Security industry is
affecting our day-to-day life. More and more east-europeans, chinese, indians, pakistani, etc.
think they will find milk and honey working at a security company; you fuckin twats! They're just
exploiting you. You're serving a cause that's not yours, making your boss rich! If you don't see
our point, then fuck you, you made it to our target list.

   Everybody should remember gayh1tler's last wish: keep pr0j3kt m4yh3m alive! Each and every of
you should follow his words of wisdom. You have no right to do otherwise! And if you do, we see you,
we know who you are and your ass is blast.


                                                                - Phrack High Council, 2005 AD